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Discover Tango in Vancouver through private or group lessons, workshops, and immerse yourself in the dynamic milonga community for an unforgettable dance journey.

Argentine Tango

Experience authentic Argentine Tango with Jorge Olguin, a distinguished milonguero from Buenos Aires, offering group and private classes in Vancouver. Elevate your dance journey with a renowned teacher, mastering the essential pillars of Tango in the heart of British Columbia.

Experience the art of Argentine Tango at Punto Tango in Vancouver, BC. Join expert instructor Jorge Olguin for immersive private and group tango classes.

Explore the world of Argentine Tango in Vancouver with Punto Tango. Our Tango classes and workshops, led by expert instructor Jorge Olguin from Buenos Aires, promise an immersive experience. Whether you’re interested in private or group lessons, our specialized workshops, or being part of a vibrant Tango community at a milonga, Punto Tango Vancouver is your destination. Learn Tango techniques, enhance your connection, and dive into the musicality of this dance form. Join us in the heart of Vancouver’s Tango scene and benefit from Jorge Olguin’s expertise. Punto Tango is your key to mastering Argentine Tango, fostering community connections, and fueling your passion for Tango in Vancouver.

Jorge Olguin at the Final Campeonato CIM 2015

“It’s been really inspiring to start dancing with Jorge! After many years without dancing, I’ve found motivation again in attending his lessons and loved how it helps me connect with our Victoria community. I love his laid-back teaching style and it feels like learning and dancing with a friend, which is what community is all about.”

A.M. – Victoria, Canada

“Jorge’s depth of experience gives him an eye for the subtleties of movement and the knowledge required to define and refine what’s needed. I have appreciated that his lessons are delivered with humor, patience and encouragement, but that he is also exacting in what he is looking for, which in turn produces results and a sense of accomplishment in his students. Thank you Jorge, for what you do.”

J.W. – Victoria, Canada

“Jorge is talented and teaches with a mixture of kindness, humour, skill and encouragement with every level of student.”

C.H. – Victoria, Canada

“Jorge’s classes are always full of helpful information and lots of fun! He has so much experience and love for Tango which he is happy to share. Will certainly take more classes with him!”

S.K. – Victoria, Canada


Jorge Olguin a distinguished milonguero from Buenos Aires, is not only a tango dancer, master choreographer, teacher, and competitive judge, but also a performer who has graced stages worldwide alongside the best milongueras. Achieving semi-finalist distinctions in tango salon, milonga, and waltz at the Metropolitan Championship in Buenos Aires in 2015, 2016, and 2019, and securing a championship win at La Cumparcita Tango Festival, Jorge’s accolades extend beyond competitions. His performances, characterized by a unique movement style, rich expressions, and engaging improvisation, reflect the depth of his artistry, captivating audiences on countless stages globally.

Exhibition, Vancouver Canada

“Lluvia de Abril” – Miguel Caló

Cafe Casablanca, Victoria, Vancouver Island

“Gallo Ciego” – Osvaldo Pugliese


Jorge Olguin

With over 30 years of international teaching experience, Jorge’s Vancouver classes emphasize a comfortable embrace, clear partner connection, and exquisite technique. Known for his encouraging and observant teaching style, Jorge hosts group and private classes, organizes milongas and tango festivals, and continues to inspire the global tango community through workshops across Argentina, Europe, Asia, and North America.

Jorge Olguin, milonguero from Buenos Aires

My Commitment to Your Dance Training

Dedicated to advancing your dance education, my classes draw upon years of experience instructing social, show, and competition dancing, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

Private Lessons with Jorge Olguin

Elevate your Tango mastery with private lessons by Jorge Olguin, where over three decades of expertise converge to finely tune your technique. With a focus on both salon and stage styles of Argentine Tango, these personalized classes are meticulously crafted to propel your skills to new heights, ensuring a transformative and advanced learning experience tailored exclusively for your tango journey.

One-on-one sessions provide unparalleled attention to detail, allowing for targeted feedback and customized guidance that accelerates your growth in both salon and stage styles. With a focus on refining technique and cultivating an intimate understanding of the art form, Jorge offers private classes in Vancouver BC that offer invaluable insights, fostering a deeper connection to the beauty and intricacies of Argentine Tango while advancing your skills with precision and grace.

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Jorge Olguin for immersive private and group tango classes

Jorge Olguin

Professional Tango Dancer & Instructor
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