Private Classes

With over 30 years of international teaching experience, Jorge’s Vancouver classes emphasize a comfortable embrace

one-on-one sessions will take your tango to a new level

Elevate your Tango mastery with private lessons by Jorge Olguin, where over three decades of expertise converge to finely tune your technique. With a focus on both salon and stage styles of Argentine Tango, these personalized classes are meticulously crafted to propel your skills to new heights, ensuring a transformative and advanced learning experience tailored exclusively for your tango journey.

One-on-one sessions provide unparalleled attention to detail, allowing for targeted feedback and customized guidance that accelerates your growth in both salon and stage styles. With a focus on refining technique and cultivating an intimate understanding of the art form, Jorge offers private classes in Vancouver BC that offer invaluable insights, fostering a deeper connection to the beauty and intricacies of Argentine Tango while advancing your skills with precision and grace. Contact him today for more information.

Jorge Olguin

Professional Tango Dancer & Instructor
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